Responding to hunger in Zimbabwe

In the grips of a devastating food crisis, with the United Nations predicting that nearly half the country's population, 5.1 million people, will require emergency food aid in the next few months, PWS&D is supporting an ecumenical effort to bring food to the hungry in Zimbabwe.

Through Canadian Foodgrains Bank, PWS&D and other member churches are working together providing 9,109 metric tonnes of food to people in Zimbabwe. The $7 million project includes 6,927 metric tonnes of maize, 1,385 tonnes of pulses, 405 tonnes of oil, and 392 tonnes of corn soy blend, all purchased in southern Africa. Approximately 120,000 beneficiaries will receive rations to sustain them for five months, until the next harvest.

The situation in Zimbabwe is complicated and complex. There are several contributing factors, including recent drought, some poor agricultural policies, a lack of agricultural inputs, and a rapidly declining economy (characterized by hyper-inflation, high unemployment and a rapidly depreciating currency). Further compounding the situation is the high prevalence of HIV and AIDS and a recent cholera outbreak.