No loans for Murambatsvina victims

by Fungi Kwaramba

Hundreds of victims of the Zanu (PF) regime’s infamous Operation Murambatsvina are being left out of key national programmes such as the youth loan scheme, as financial institutions demand water and electricity bills.

People whose homes were destroyed by the police and army in the 2005 “clean-up” still live in squalid conditions in Hopley and Hatcliffe.

“We have a potato programme in Hatcliffe and went to the bank seeking a loan. They could not consider us as we did not have water and electricity bills. We tried to give them lease agreements which our parents have and they told us that it was not enough so banks are rejecting our applications on the basis that we do not have bills,” said Brave Lifa, one of the victims.

Speaking at the launch of a Seven Point Manifesto on Ending Homelessness by Young Voices Network Zimbabwe, Patience Sanyangure said Murambatsvina survivors were labelled slum dwellers, “munhu weku madhanga”.

“This results in us failing to air our views even with political leaders who also look down upon us,” she said. Taiona Sanangurai co-ordinator of YVNZ said that the government should move to ensure that citizens enjoy their rights.

“There is need to reform the benefit system from both government and the private sector to make funds and other resources available for homeless, unemployed people to engage in income-generating projects,” she said.