NGO Calls for Speedy Probe of 2008 Election Violence

Jonga Kandemiiri
29.07.2014 19:32

WASHINGTON DC — Human rights group, Heal Zimbabwe Trust, says the judiciary and police should investigate outstanding cases of the 2008 political violence that saw close to 500 political activists being killed.

The group said it welcomes the High Court’s decision last week of sentencing to 15 years in jail four Kadoma Zanu PF youths, who murdered Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) supporter, John Max, in 2008, saying the sentencing brings closure to the matter.

It added that these prosecutions are an integral element of transitional justice aimed at ensuring that perpetrators of violence are tried in accordance with international standards of fair trial and, where appropriate, punished.

It also called for the full operationalization of the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission.

Heal Zimbabwe Trust executive director, Rashid Mahiya, said while they welcome this development, there has been selective application of the law.

(Audio: Interview With Rashid Mahiya)