Needed supplies en route to Zimbabwe hospital network

A 20-foot container loaded with close to $300,000 worth of medical supplies and over-the-counter medicines left HPIC’s distribution centre today destined for Harare, Zimbabwe.

“Our partner ZACH (the Zimbabwean Association of Church-related Hospitals) has 132 hospitals in their national network and will distribute the supplies according to needs expressed by the hospitals,” said Glen Shepherd, President of HPIC. The container was filled with items on the national needs list.

This is the first shipment of eight containers to the ZACH national network of hospitals in Zimbabwe over the next three years. The three-year project is made possible by a grant from the CHARIS Foundation.

“This will enhance the excellent work done by ZACH,” Glen said. “The hospitals are run by dozens of Christian denominations in the country and together, they provide more than 60 per cent of the health care. This project will help ZACH member hospitals cope with shortages of much needed medicines and supplies.”

HPIC has had a variety of projects and partners in Zimbabwe over the last two decades, including working directly with three member-hospitals of ZACH. For example, last week a major shipment of medicines was sent to Karanda Hospital, another member of ZACH thanks to a group of donors in Ontario.

In June, Glen Shepherd travelled to Zimbabwe to meet with partners in this ZACH project and with other partners to discuss bringing HPIC’s Mother-Child Health Kit to Zimbabwe. In addition, Glen met with the Deputy Minister of Health for Zimbabwe and officials with the Medicines Control Authority for Zimbabwe (MCAZ), responsible for all medicines entering the country. The purpose of these meetings was to ensure that HPIC has a good grasp of the needs and the current situation of partners in the country.