More trouble for Tokwe Mukosi flood victims

It never rains but pours for Tokwe Mukosi flood victims who were displaced last year following heavy flooding along the dam basin. They have failed this year to till their land or plant any crops due to shortage of draught power and farming inputs.

The villagers said their cattle died during the relocation exercise to Nuanetsi ranch in Mwenezi in the country’s agricultural region five, which is mostly suitable for cattle ranching and not crop farming.

“I lost my entire entire herd during relocation and I was told that I Would get compensation but nothing has materialised,” said Taurai Munashe. “The cattle were my sole source of draught power.”

He said the flood victims would continue to require relief food aid from government for years because of shortage of draught power and farming inputs – “unless government gives us our compensation”.

Vimbai Mukova, 60, said she lost 20 cattle in an accident while her goods were being relocated to Chingwizi transit camp and no compensation has been given to her by the government.

As a result she failed to plant any crops because the area they were relocated to is virgin land and cannot be tilled using their bare hands.

“We had thought that the government would make available free farming inputs and tractors for draught power but it was just a dream,” said Mukova.

The villagers said that the much-talked-about presidential free farming inputs were not made available to them.

“We just hear of free farming inputs but they have never been distributed here,” said one of the villagers.

“We are just appealing to government to avail funds for compensation so that we start living normally like all other Zimbabweans.”

Acting Masvingo provincial administrator Godwin Chipika said government would continue giving relief food aid to the flood victims.