Loyce Tena Muyambi- What I have achieved in Farmers' Clubs Zimbabwe

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I am grateful for the services we get from Farmers' Clubs. Its is a decent idea to be part of Farmers' Clubs because farmers in these clubs share their ideas and they like production.

My name is Loyce Tena Muyambi. I am married and have 3 children.

My life in Farmers' Clubs

In 2006, my husband came home and informed me at Jiti School about a meeting introducing the Farmers' Clubs Project. He explained the idea and we volunteered to join as a family and we have appreciated ever since being a Farmers' Clubs member.

We formed our own Farmers' Clubs group that has 64 members. My husband also told me about a workshop on water management, which he attended. I was happy for this and he became the first man to be trained in water management. Luckily we were selected to get the pump for Emergency Irrigation. I took it so seriously that we wanted to follow what the DAPP Water Technician and Extension Worker were telling us to do. Our first crop irrigated with the rope pump was planted on 7th November 2006. On the other portion we grew some tomatoes and vegetables. We had thriving and flourishing crops.

I have devoted myself to the Farmers' Clubs and I have got a lot of inspiration. During my stay in the club I have learned about intercropping and the best ways of doing crop rotation. I am grateful for the services we get from Farmers' Clubs. It is a decent idea to be part of the Framers' Clubs because farmers in these clubs share their ideas and they like production.

During the off-season, I plant a lot of vegetables on my Emergency Irrigation land and sell them. I can now sustain myself and I always have money for the needs at home. I personally think that in the long run all the farmers in the clubs should have the rope pumps as these pumps have changed our lives totally. For Environment, I am happy that I have started the small herbal garden. The benefits of the herbal garden are great. Since 2006 till now, all my children and my husband have never got malaria as we have planted herbs around the home such as Lemongrass, that keep the mosquitoes away. We have further developed ourselves and we are now also making the herbal tea.

From DAPP in Zimbabwe, I have benefited a lot including good health.

Changes I have seen by being a Farmers' Clubs Member

1. My and my own Family's health has improved.

2. I have strengthened the economy in our family. For example, we can afford schools fees for my children through sales from the emergency irrigation plot.

3. We have a balanced diet in the family.

4. I can sustain myself and have much knowledge about agriculture.

My vision

My vision is to see this program spreading to other communities, to see the Farmers' Clubs flourishing and to see other women in my club following the steps I have decided to take and do the same production.