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Local radio, going global

In this podcast, IDS Research Fellow Blane Harvey speaks to Hayes Mabweazara (University College Falmouth, UK) and David Smith (Okapi Consulting, South Africa) about radio, Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) and international development.

They discuss how ICTs, such as the internet and mobile phones, are transforming radio usage in Africa, enabling local radio to reach global audiences.

The researchers met at an IDS roundtable last week, as part of the ‘Radio, Convergence and Development in Africa’ (RCDA) research programme.

  • Hayes Mabweazara discusses how pirate radio stations are using ICTs to reach people in Zimbabwe. His research looked at two radio stations broadcasting from Washington and London – as media in Zimbabwe is state-controlled, these radio stations are illegal. Yet transmissions are accessed in Zimbabwe through podcasts and live-streaming on the internet, and through SMS texts of breaking news headlines.

  • David Smith explains how Radio Okapi, broadcast from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), is using the internet to reach the Congolese diaspora living around the world. The radio station is mobilising people to send money back home, and react to changing political situations.

The RCDA programme is implemented by Carleton University's Centre for Media and Transitional Societies with funding from Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

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