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Korea to send aid to Southern Africa

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Development Cooperation Division (720-4537)

1. On May 14, 2002, the Government of the Republic of Korea decided to send humanitarian aid to several countries in southern Africa, currently suffering from famine and epidemic diseases, such as cholera, malaria and infectious hepatitis. Korea will send humanitarian aid worth US$ 100,000 to Zimbabwe, US$ 50,000 to Malawi, US$ 50,000 to Sudan, and US$ 20,000 to Senegal.

2. Southern Africa is facing the worst state of famine in a decade. In addition, regional drought, floods, depleted food stocks, economic instability, low agricultural productivity, and the spread of AIDS suggest that more people will suffer.

  • In Zimbabwe, more than half of its population (12 million) has been affected by famine so far.z

  • Malawi is facing its worse famine in 50 years, affecting approximately 70% of the country's population, so far causing 500 deaths. Furthermore, cholera is spreading across in the country and caused 1000 deaths. In February this year, the Government of Malawi declared state of national disaster and requested famine relief assistance to the international community.

  • In Sudan, approximately 8 million people have been infected with malaria and it caused 80,000 deaths. Malaria patients in Sudan currently accounts for approximately 75% of the total number of malaria patients in southern Africa and is still increasing.

  • Meanwhile, the Government of Senegal is actively promoting the Anti-Hepatitis Inoculation Programme as part of its efforts to improve infant health.

As an active member of the international community, the Korean Government will participate in the humanitarian efforts to help southern Africa recover from such unfortunate events in cooperation with the UN and the EU. In this regard, the Korean Government expects that its participation will contribute to enhancing the world's understanding of Korea as a donor country.

Spokesman of MOFAT