Joint Statement by the UN System in Zimbabwe

The United Nations (UN) System in Zimbabwe welcomes the expressed commitment of the Government towards: social cohesion and peace; economic recovery and job creation; improved quality delivery of social services; anti-corruption; accelerated reform efforts including in the public sector; human security; credible, transparent and peaceful elections in 2018; and re-engagement with the international community.

We are encouraged by the National Budget Statement for 2018, which lays a foundation for reforms and sees increased allocations to social services and productive sectors. We also take note of the policy shifts and measures towards economic recovery, stabilisation and inclusive growth through employment creation. Timely disbursements and efficient use of the allocated budgets would be critical.

Building on the longstanding engagement in the country anchored on a relationship of trust and mutual respect with all stakeholders, the UN System in Zimbabwe renews its collective commitment to support the Government and the people of Zimbabwe to realize their aspirations. In this regard, the UN System in Zimbabwe commits to scale-up its joint support to national efforts towards:

  • Creating a conducive environment for accelerated economic recovery and inclusive growth, towards socio-economic and gender equality;
  • Strengthening effective and accountable public sector institutions to enhance quality social service delivery;
  • Increasing participation of all citizens, especially women, in democratic processes and promotion of human rights; and,
  • Strengthening national and local capacity for accelerated implementation and monitoring of Zimbabwe’s commitment to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In so doing, the UN System remains committed to the principle of national ownership and leadership, under the overarching collective commitment to leaving no one behind, with a special focus on the most vulnerable populations, particularly children, youth and women. The UN will enhance its cooperation under the existing strategic programme framework of the 2016-2020 Zimbabwe United Nations Development Assistance Framework (ZUNDAF)i, signed with the Government in 2015.

Promotion of constitutionalism, respect for the rule of law, consolidation of peace, protection of human rights and gender equality will remain important as the country prepares for the harmonized elections in 2018 and beyond.

The UN System in Zimbabwe reconfirms its commitment to supporting Zimbabwe to advance sustainable, rights-based and inclusive development for all and strongly supports the Government’s commitment and efforts towards re-engagement with the International Financial Institutions (IFIs).

For queries, please contact: Kanako Mabuchi, Head of UN Resident Coordinator’s Office, Kanako.Mabuchi@one.un.org, +263 (0)4 338836-44 (Ext. 407)

Under the strategic programme framework of the 2016-2020 Zimbabwe United Nations Development Assistance Framework (ZUNDAF), the United Nations provides support to national development priorities and progress towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on six results areas: Food and Nutrition Security; Gender Equality; HIV and AIDS; Poverty Reduction and Value Addition; Public Administration and Governance; and Social Services and Protection. As at the third quarter of the 2017, the UN in Zimbabwe, with generous financial support from development partners, has delivered over USD 714 million worth of development and humanitarian assistance under the current ZUNDAF.