Joint action on Zimbabwe

News and Press Release
Originally published
Hon. Alexander Downer MP, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Australia
Hon. Phil Goff MP, Minister for Foreign Affairs, New Zealand

The continued failure of the Zimbabwean Government to respect democracy and human rights needs to be addressed firmly by the international community.

The Australian and New Zealand Foreign Ministers today agreed on a range of measures aimed at increasing international pressure on the Mugabe regime to cease its abhorrent and egregious destruction of its people's homes, livelihoods and basic human rights.

Joint representations to the International Cricket Council (ICC) urging it to alter the rules to allow teams to forfeit tours to countries where serious human rights abuses are occurring.

Explore with like-minded countries a total sporting ban on all Zimbabwe representative teams.

Urge G8 members to address the Zimbabwe issue during its 6-8 July meeting in Scotland.

Make urgent representations to the UN Commissioner for Human Rights and members of the Security Council to urge the UN to investigate past and present human rights abuses in Zimbabwe.

Support continued moves to expel Zimbabwe from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Joint Australia/New Zealand demarche to South African Development Community (SADC) members, including South Africa, urging them to place diplomatic pressure on Zimbabwe to conform with international human rights standards.

Propose to Members of the Security Council that the actions of the Mugabe regime be referred to the International Criminal Court.

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