Humanitarian Situation in Zimbabwe No. 02: 01-29 Feb 2008


The Dept of Met indicated that there are no flooding threats in the foreseeable future though there was the need to be prepared since we are still in the La Nina phase.

Crops have been severely affected by waterlogging in most parts of Mashonaland, particularly Hurungwe, and this is likely to lead to generalized crop failure.(Agritex)

Repeated flood assessments in the flood affected areas have shown that health needs are of major concern; severe diarrhoea and cholera outbreaks have been reported in provinces, especially those bordering the neighbouring countries (IOM)

Though the country has sufficient vaccines, injection supplies and LP gas to meet the requirement for the year, the vaccines are in danger of being destroyed because of breakage of the cold chain and non availability of the cold chain equipment itself at some health facilities(UNICEF)

162 cases of cholera and 20 deaths have been reported in Mudzi as at 25 February. The probable source of this outbreak, which is yet to be confirmed, is believed to be a contaminated borehole water.(WHO)


Zimbabwe 2008 Consolidated Appeal Funding - Financial Tracking System as at 29 February 2008:

- Requested Funds: 317 million USD

- Funding : 11.7 million USD

- Funding Coverage: 4%

- Pledges: 15.0 million

- For further details visit: http://ocha.unog.ch/fts2/pageloader.aspx?page=emerg-emergencyDetails&appealID=789

Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF)

The CERF Secretariat has recommended for approval the CERF submissions for UNICEF health (US$300 000), UNICEF watsan(US$983 950), and UNHCR projects. The other projects are yet to be recommended for approval pending clarifications and revisions being sought.


- 11,750 million country population in 10 provinces, with 61 districts (Central Statistical Office - CSO)

- 15.6% HIV prevalence rate (MoHCW National Estimates 2007)

- approx. 1.3 million people of all ages are HIV infected (MoHCW National Estimates 2007).

- approx. 1.6 million children orphaned by 2003, about 1 million due to AIDS (UNICEF, National Estimates 2007)

- 16.6% children malnourished as measured by MDG indicator underweight (DHS, 2005/6)

- 26,470.8% inflation rate (CSO, 4th February 2008.)


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