Human Rights Bulletin, 16 November 2012

from Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum
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13.11.12. Fifty seven members of Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) were arrested and beaten following on-going and peaceful water shortage protests in Bulawayo. One of the women sustained a fractured hand whilst 11 others were driven out of the city by police and left at a cemetery. WOZA was particularly concerned at the tribalist and sexist comments made by the riot police who called the women prostitutes and insisted that they speak in Shona. (Women of Zimbabwe Arise: Press Statement, 13.11.2012) Read more on

13.11.12. Concern about the way police treated the Women of Zimbabwe Arise activists was raised by Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights. There was also news of the release on bail of the two MDC youth leaders, Soloman Madzore and Lovemore Taruvinga who were amongst the Glenview residents accused of the murder police officer Mutedza. It was further reported that the trial of Energy and Power Minister, Elton Manogoma, accused of insulting the President, was deferred until 12 December 2012. (Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights: HRDs Alert: 13.11.2012) Read more on

Political Environment

16.11.12. An update on the political environment around the country reports on a tense environment in a number of areas, including in Masvingo, Mutoko, parts of Manicaland and in the Midlands. The report provides reports on a number of incidents of political violence and intimidation in these areas. (Heal Zimbabwe Trust: Weekly Bulletin, 16.11.2012) See also


14.11.12. In a continued effort to get authorities to take action on the water crisis in Bulawayo, the Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) attempted to meet with Municipal authorities in the city. Despite being invited to meet the Mayor of Bulawayo to discuss the situation, police blocked WOZA women from entering the Town Hall. (Women of Zimbabwe Arise: Press Statement: 14.1.2012) Read more on


13.11.12. Deep concern was expressed about the abuse of women in the private and public sphere following the brutal attack on a local DJ and actress. In the run up to the 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights notes that this is an opportunity for all Zimbabweans to condemn gender-based violence and renew their commitment and action towards its elimination (Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights: Press Statement, 13.11.2012)

Natural Resources

14.11.12. Civil Society Organisations called for natural resource transparency and the respect for community rights in natural resource utilisation. The calls came during the Zimbabwe Diamond Mining Conference which took place in Victoria Falls this week. (Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition: Press Statement, 14.11.2012)

13.11.12. A new paper entitled the ‘Myths, Reality and the Inconvenient Truth about Zimbabwe’s Land Resettlement Programme’ was published by Sokwanele as part of its Zimbabwe Land Series. The paper examines the controversial claims about Zimbabwe’s land reform made by academic Ian Scoones. (Sokwanele: Zimbabwe Land Reform Series, 13.11.2012) Read the full paper here

International Relations

15.11.12. The newly US Ambassador to Zimbabwe said that ‘American policy towards Zimbabwe is not static and will respond positively to Zimbabwe’s progress on the roadmap to constitutional reform and elections’. These comments came in a statement by Ambassador Bruce Wharton following his first meeting with President Mugabe. (US Embassy to Zimbabwe: Press Statement: 15.11.2012)

14.11.12. A Zimbabwean Civil Society delegation urge the Zambian Government to persuade Zimbabwe’s inclusive government to work towards the full implementation of the critical reforms in the Global Political Agreement. The mission also appealed to the Government of Zambia to impress upon their Zimbabwean counterparts to implement SADC communiqué resolutions before the next harmonised elections. (Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition: Press Statement: 14.11.2012)

Forthcoming Events

In Zimbabwe the Musasa Project and other civil society organisations, including the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum, will hold a conference on Women and Peace. The conference will take place on 29 – 30.11.12. The issue of rape and sexual violence against women and girls will be discussed. In Belgium, the 14th EU-NGO Forum on Human Rights takes place from 6-7.12. in Brussels. The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum will attend the gender forum during this event.