Gunilla Carlsson on the situation in Zimbabwe

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Gunilla Carlsson, Minister for International Development Cooperation

"I note with disappointment that yesterday's SADC summit in Johannesburg did not succeed in breaking the deadlock in the political crisis in Zimbabwe. It is unfortunate that the SADC and the region is not able to exert pressure on the parties to live up to the will of the Zimbabwean people as expressed in the parliamentary election in March earlier this year. It is still too early to draw any broad conclusions from the fact that no agreement was reached last night, but it is serious that no solution appears to be in sight.

"The Swedish Government urges the SADC to now further increase its efforts and emphasises how important it is that the African Union and the UN are given an even clearer role in finding a solution. The situation in Zimbabwe must not be allowed to deteriorate further and revert to an escalation of violence.

"The humanitarian situation is already very serious and is deteriorating with each passing day. While the negotiations drag on, the highest price is being paid by the people of Zimbabwe," says Ms Carlsson.


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