Guidelines for the prevention, surveillance and management of Covid-19 infection among health care workers in Zimbabwe, 2022


The Guidelines for the Prevention, Surveillance and Management of COVID-19 Infection amongst Health Care Workers (HCW) in Zimbabwe were developed to prevent, detect and manage HCW COVID-19 infection, an emerging pandemic affecting the whole world. The HCW is at the fore front of this pandemic, thus the need for standardised operating procedures is of utmost importance. These guidelines therefore seek to reduce the significant morbidity and mortality among the HCW, ultimately ensuring the reduction of the cost to the health care worker and the Ministry of Health and Child Care (MoHCC) as a whole. The Ministry of Health and Child Care requires that all health care workers in various health care settings follow infection prevention and control procedures. Therefore, these guidelines have been developed in line with the existing MOHCC COVID-19 guidelines that include the Zimbabwe guidelines for the surveillance of COVID-19, Management of COVID-19 and the National infection prevention and control. The Guidelines for the Prevention, Surveillance and Management of COVID-19 gives guidance to all healthcare workers on how to prevent, detect, manage and report COVID-19 exposed and confirmed cases. These guidelines were developed through a consultative process among the Infection Prevention and Control, Surveillance, Risk Communication and Community Engagement, Case management pillars in collaboration with World Health Organisation. In contribution to the national fight against COVID -19 pandemic amongst the health care workers of Zimbabwe who work in various settings, the undersigned, hereby pledge my commitment to the full operationalisation of these guidelines.