Funds for Zimbabwe

Following the cyclone disaster in south-east Africa, the amount of Zim$300,000 (=A35,000) was donated to Zimbabwe from International Emergency Services (IHQ) to use in relief operations. In response, Captain Mary Capsey, the Territorial Medical and Social Services Secretary, wrote: 'Reports are coming in from the affected areas which emphasise the immediate need for food, shelter, clothing and medicines. These areas include Manicaland, Masvingo and Semukwe. We have already been able to respond in a limited way, your funding will help us increase that response.'
The three areas have been allocated Zim$250,000. There are also plans in hand for longer term assistance to be given to these regions, where the people depend on farming for their livelihood. The crops which would have been harvested in April/May have been lost and The Salvation Army hopes to be able to supply seed packs, fertilisers, equipment etc. There is also a need for health and sanitary care.

The remaining Zim$50,000 will fund the purchase of supplies not available in the regions and the transport of gifts donated by people in other areas of Zimbabwe.


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