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Floods worsening in Zambezi valley - Government

Zambezi valley and its catchment areas in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi have caused a rapid rise in the water levels in the upper reaches of the Zambezi river.

In a statement on today, the ministry said it was worried about the people in Muzarabani who were vulnerable to flooding.

"The rapid rise in the water levels is likely to surpass that of cyclone Eline in 2000," the ministry said.

"We have joined the Ministry of Local Government in expediting the evacuation of villagers to higher ground as a matter of extreme emergency," said the ministry.The Ministry has also advised farmers or owners of private dams in Mashonaland, the Midlands as well as those in the northern parts of Manicaland to constantly monitor their dam levels as upstream effects can cause over bursts.Members of the public are therefore being advised that the rainfall season is still on until April and people should be even more vigilant and expect more floods until about mid-February