Emergency Assistance to Zimbabwe for Flood Disaster

On March 13 (Mon), the Government of Japan decided to extend emergency assistance in kind (equivalent to about 22,270,000 yen), comprising tents, blankets, and plastic sheets, to the Republic of Zimbabwe, which has sustained great damage from floods.

In the fourth week of February this year, cyclone Eline, which formed over the Mozambique Channel, reached Zimbabwe, and caused heavy rain, triggering floods in the southeastern and central parts of the country. Ground transportation was paralyzed, as large and small rivers overflowed; and trunk roads were submerged and cut at many places as bridges were washed away.

The Government of Zimbabwe has announced that the number of afflicted people has reached 500,000, and that more than 70 are dead. Having itself established district disaster management committees under the Ministry of Local Government and National Housing, set up traveling clinics for the afflicted under the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare, and conducted relief activities with its local governments, police, and other authorities, the Government of Zimbabwe has also requested emergency aid from the international community including Japan.

The Government of Japan has decided to extend this emergency assistance from a humanitarian standpoint, in view of the severity of this disaster and the friendly relations between Japan and Zimbabwe.