DAPP Zimbabwe receives 44 tonnes of donated clothes from TNT

News and Press Release
Originally published
Development Aid from People to People in Zimbabwe has received 44 tons of donated clothes from TNT via Sticting Humana Holland and distributed it in two phases to all the projects and also to areas surrounding the DAPP projects.

In the first phase 16 tonne were distributed to 2855 persons. Of these, 1085 were DAPP staff and workers, 995 were DAPP project volunteers, 125 were community and traditional leaders, 287 were rural school teachers, 162 were orphans and vulnerable children, 94 were school choir and drama group members while 107 were members from other groups.

In the second phase the remaining 28 tonne were distributed to 11 200 persons of whom 5500 were beneficiaries at the DAPP projects, 2450 were beneficiaries of organisations working with the fight against HIV, 1630 were volunteers of organisations working with the fight against HIV, 420 were staff of the DAPP Development Projects, 690 were project volunteers and 510 were staff of organisations working with the fight against HIV.

Some of the short-term effects of the distribution have been motivation of volunteers who are carrying out different activities and DAPP workers, provision of warmth during the winter season thus avoiding common colds and flu and ability of some community members to dress themselves. The main long term effects includes: (i) achievement of Humana People to People's goals of social welfare and improving the lives of people by distributing clothes to the needy, (ii) Humana People to People in Zimbabwe is being acknowledged and praised for being responsible for the welfare of its workers, (iii) projects will save money by using the donated clothes as uniforms instead of buying uniforms for the workers and will instead channel the money saved towards development work and (iv) cementing long lasting relationships with communities, stakeholders, passionates and local authorities.