Commodity Price and Cash Liquidity Tracking Update - 15 September, 2016


Major Highlights

  • The average selling price of maize grain across the targeted districts in the past fortnight remained at $0.41/kg ($7.20 per bucket or typically $7.00 per bucket) from that of EndAugust.

  • In Beitbridge, the price increased from an average cost of $0.43/kg to $0.44/kg while in Mberengwa, the average price of maize grain went down from $0.46/kg to $0.40/kg.

  • The Grain Marketing Board (GMB) continued to be the main source of maize grain across the districts complimented by informal or private traders.

  • The average prices of maize meal slightly decreased in the following districts; Nkayi from $0.59/kg to $ 0.58/kg, Beitbridge from $0.66/kg to $0.58/kg and Masvingo Rural from $0.58/kg to $0.57/kg.

  • The average selling price of sorghum went up from $0.37 to $0.45, an increase by $0.08.

  • The average selling price of Millets was $0.60/kg, a slight increase from the selling price in the end of August where the average selling price was $0.52/kg.

  • The average selling price for cooking oil went down slightly from $1.91/litre end-August to $1.90/litre.

  • In Umguza, cooking oil is now available, contrast to the situation during the previous reporting period of end of August where customers were being limited to purchasing one bottle per customer.

  • The number of clients who managed to cash out all the money they wanted at first attempt was 74%, a decrease from 81% during the end of August reporting period.