CIDA: Zimbabwe Flood Response Project

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Planned Project Summary Information

Project number: 30886

Branch: Africa and Middle East

Country: Zimbabwe

CIDA's ODA Priorities: 40% - 0106 - Water and Sanitation; 60% - 0107 - Shelter

Project Approval Date: Sept. 28, 2000

Anticipated Project Duration: 1 year

Estimated Project Value: Up to $3.0M

Project Implementation: Approved under the Unsolicited Proposals Mechanism (OXFAM)

Project Goal: To help Zimbabwe reduce poverty and better provide for the needs of its people.

Project Purpose: To meet the selected short and medium term needs of targeted communities in Chipinge South, Matobo and Insiza devastated by the cyclone Eline floods.

Project Outputs: The short term water and sanitation needs are provided for the targeted communities through the rehabilitation of bore holes and toilets.

Internet Publication Date: November 23, 2000

Last Update: N/A (first publication)

Development Officer: Kathleen Stefanuk (819-997-1006)

Last Modified: 11/23/2000

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