Cholera in Zimbabwe: HELP urgently calls for donations

Epidemic claims more and more victims

  • Government declares state of emergency

Bonn/Harare: In light of the increasingly dramatic dimensions of the cholera epidemic in Zimbabwe the German humanitarian aid organization HELP has urgently called for donations today. According to unofficial sources nearly 1,000 people have died from the disease up to now, more than 10,000 people have been infected. Yesterday the government of Zimbabwe has declared the state of emergency and called the international community for support. Even in the neighboring Republic of South Africa six people have died already of cholera within the last days.

HELP will within the coming days considerably increase its activities in the health sector. We now urgently need to support hospitals and health centers in Zimbabwe with medicine and hygienic articles in order to challenge cholera. We will also distribute water purification tablets in the affected districts. If HELP and other aid organizations will not react quickly we expect thousands of people to die within the coming weeks," stated HELP's managing director Karin Settele.

The collapsing economy and infrastructure in Zimbabwe, the lack of clean drinking water, the scruffy sewage system and garbage on the streets have lead to the spread of cholera. The epidemic is a further indicator of the catastrophic humanitarian situation in Zimbabwe.

HELP has been working with medical aid projects in Zimbabwe for 16 years and currently supports five hospitals with their affiliated rural health centers with medicine and medical supplies. 2.75 million people can be reached through these clinics. HELP further focuses on agricultural projects, food aid and water supply projects.

The international account for donations is:

Dresdner Bank, Bonn, Germany
IBAN: DE47 3708 0040 0240 0030 00
Keyword: Zimbabwe

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