Cholera DREF operation n° MDRZW005 Update n° 1

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Summary: CHF 226,353 was allocated from the IFRC’s Disaster Relief Emergency Fund (DREF) on 8 July 2011 to support the National Society in delivering assistance to some 30,000 beneficiaries, or to replenish disaster preparedness stocks.

This operation is expected to be implemented in three months, and completed by 30 September 2011. In line with the Federation reporting standards, the final report (narrative and financial) is due 90 days after the end of the operation (by 31 December 2011).

This update summarizes the progress made in the month of August 2011. Cholera is still a major concern in Chipinge district although there have been no new cases. Generally there is low sanitation coverage and poor health and hygiene practices in the two targeted wards. ZRCS continues to work with the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare in training volunteers on health and hygiene education using the Participatory Health and Hygiene Education (PHHE). Emergency stocks comprising soap, water purification tablets, oral rehydration salt (ORS) and jerry cans have been distributed to complement health and hygiene promotion that is currently underway in the two wards. Identification of wells, institutional and household latrine beneficiaries has been done and the communities have started to gather locally available building materials such as bricks and sand while waiting for cement and other materials.