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China to donate $14m worth of food aid

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China is set to donate $14 million worth of food aid to Zimbabwe revealed the Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Xin Shunkang.

The donation is part of government strides to ease the eminent food crisis facing country’s populace.

According to statistics from the World Food Program (WFP) indicated that more than 1 million Zimbabweans are said to be in need of food aid between now and March 2012 following the continuous dry spell that has been affecting the national produce.

WFP revealed that it is facing a $42 m funding shortfall for food aid it planned to provide to vulnerable households in Zimbabwe. Though the Chinese donation will not solve the food crisis, it will buy time for the government to secure a permanent solution to the hunger stricken communities.

“Already, 14 million worth of food aid has been allocated to assist your country. In fact, shipment is on the way to come to your country, as I speak,” said Amb Shunkang without distinguishing part of the consignments.

The Chinese Amb popularly known as Chakanaka Chakanaka further revealed that they are working on improving the country’s rural water sanitation.

“We are going to donate 200 boreholes to remote villages here (Zimbabwe) for you to have clean and safe water.

“We have already donated two schools and planning to handover two more schools in the next two years to your government,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Chinese are set to hand over a hospital and agricultural centre soon. They have also pledged to assist Zimbabwe co-host the 2013 International Conference of Tourism in Victoria Falls