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Chidamoyo Christian Hospital in Hurungwe District equipped with high-precision digital X-ray machine through support of Japan

Japan has supported Chidamoyo Christian Hospital in Hurungwe District to have a new high-precision FujiFilm digital X-Ray machine. The support came through the Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP) Programme, and amounted to US$ 92,418.

The handover ceremony for the new machine took place on 7 December, 2018. Attending the event with Ambassador Iwado was the Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care, Hon. Dr John Mangwiro.

Chidamoyo Christian Hospital has been providing quality and accessible healthcare to a rural population all the way from Kariba to Binga for the past 50 years. The three doctors at the hospital treat more than 400 patients each day. Previously the hospital had an analogue X-ray machine, but this meant that taking an X-ray was expensive for the hospital and patients, as films needed to be developed with chemicals transported all the way from Harare.

With the new digital X-ray machine, films no longer need to be developed with chemicals, so obtaining an X-ray is much cheaper. The device also takes higher quality images, allowing more accurate diagnosis.

It also has an excellent back-up service provided by Fujifilm, so the device is expected to benefit many patients for many years.

Ambassador Iwado said he hoped that the new machine would assist Chidamoyo to continue its efforts of providing excellent and affordable healthcare to its large patient population. Dr Mangwiro said his ministry would ensure provision of more doctors and nurses as well as train one more radiologist to improve on services provided at Chidamoyo Hospital.