CERF allocates $5 million for protracted relief and recovery operation in Zimbabwe

14 January 2010: Zimbabwe is still in a major economic crisis with 94 percent unemployment, industries working at less than 40 percent of capacity, rock bottom private sector confidence, little cash circulating among the vast majority of Zimbabweans, and barter trade estimated at 37 percent in rural areas.

In addition, the overall humanitarian needs in the country are still pressing. According to the recently launched 2010 CAP for Zimbabwe, an estimated six million vulnerable people will continue to feel the impact of the erosion of basic services and livelihoods over the past years.

In response to the situation, CERF allocated $5 million to the World Food Programme (WFP) for protracted relief and recovery operation for approximately 1.6 million people in Zimbabwe.

CERF Funding by Country (2010) - Project Detail Zimbabwe (01-01-2010 to 24-01-2010)

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