CAFOD suspends Zimbabwe work

Following instructions from the Zimbabwean government for all aid agencies to suspend their field-based operations

  • in particular, food distribution - CAFOD sadly feels it is necessary to suspend all programmes in the country.

This decision has been taken in consideration for the safety of our partners' staff, who are faced with many challenges in their day-to-day work in communities.

It includes our emergency food response, HIV and AIDS work, clean water projects, sustainable agriculture and other projects helping the Zimbabwe people to cope with the sustained economic and political crisis.

CAFOD's emergency food response has been helping around 80,000 of the most vulnerable people, while our development programmes in Zimbabwe worked with around 200,000 people.

The Catholic Church in Zimbabwe, of which CAFOD is an integral part, still finds ways to support people who are in desperate need of help.

Where possible the church is providing life-saving support to people who turn to the church for help, needing shelter, food, warm clothing and someone to talk to.

CAFOD strongly reaffirms that it supports aid on the basis of need and without any political bias.

Alessandra Magri, CAFOD's emergency programme manager, says: "We hope that a resolution will be found quickly and CAFOD, together with other national and international aid agencies, will be able to resume our desperately needed humanitarian and development work."

CAFOD asks everyone to remember the people of Zimbabwe in your prayers over the coming weeks.