After-Action Review of the Early Warning Messaging Activity under the Scaling up Early Warning and Anticipatory Action for Agriculture and Food Security Project (EWAA) in Zimbabwe


The Scaling up Early Warning and Anticipatory Action for Agriculture and Food Security Project (EWAA) has collaborated with the Enhanced Resilience for Vulnerable Households in Zimbabwe Project (ERVHIZ) in Gwanda and Matobo districts of Matabeleland South in Zimbabwe to integrate an early warning system into the longerterm resilience project.

One aspect of this collaboration has been the broadcast of early warning and short-range forecasting information to farmers in Gwanda, parts of Matobo and parts of Beitbridge. During the 2021/22 agricultural season, farmers and households in the target wards received early warning and weather forecast messages twice a week to coincide with the Meteorological Services Department’s three-day forecasting period.

The Meteorological Services department ensured that updated forecasts for the targeted areas are available on a regular basis, and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) facilitated the broadcast of these messages through various formats managed by the Ntepe-Manama Community Radio station.
The early warning messages were transmitted through the four local languages that are indigenous to the district; Sotho, Babirwa,
Venda and Ndebele. This ensured that weather messages were simple enough for better understanding by the recipients.

The messages disseminated provided information on the weather conditions for the following three days. When extreme weather conditions were predicted, early warning information and corresponding advisories were broadcast to enable farmers to activate their coping strategies, and implement other pre-emptive actions to protect crops, livestock and assets.

At the end of the season an After-Action Review process was conducted to assess the impact of the messaging on the targeted farmers and derive recommendations for further improvement of the activity.