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ADRA International responds to crises in Ukraine and Zimbabwe

By: Erykah St. Louis

By Natalia Lopez-Thismon

As violence in Ukraine escalates and the dangers of Zimbabwean floods remain, ADRA International has prepared emergency response plans at both locations.

Conflict in Ukraine

After peaceful protests turned violent in Kiev, Ukraine, more than 1,000 people have been injured and more than 100 are dead.

“Most people that have survived the violence are now in urgent need of mental health assistance,” said Thierry Van Bignoot, Director of Emergency Management at ADRA International. “Special assistance is needed for those who have lost family members and friends.”

In the wake of this emergency, ADRA is providing long-term mental rehabilitation as well as transportation to and from medical care. ADRA is also distributing non-food items such as medicine, clothes, and hygiene items to about 1,500 individuals.

Tokwe Mukorsi Flooding

Incessant rains in early February resulted in floods that affected inhabitants surrounding Towke-Murkosi Dam, located under the border of Chivi and Masvingo districts in Masvingo Province. Approximately 2,514 families urgently evacuated, leaving behind all their belongings.

Food insecurity is a real threat to those families who were urgently evacuated, as food will be scarce until the next harvest during the 2014-15 cropping season. Water, sanitation and hygiene is also limited, increasing the risk of waterborne disease outbreaks.

In response to the crisis, ADRA has provided transport for evacuation, and is providing emergency food, water, and hygiene and sanitation items including bath and laundry soap, jerry cans and other hygiene products.

“We believe that by providing this emergency aid, we can prevent more people from being affected by malnutrition and thirst, and we can provide access to items and education that will ensure personal hygiene, health, dignity and wellbeing for evacuees,” said Van Bignoot.

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