ACT Appeal Zimbabwe: Response to forced evictions - AFZW51 (Revision 1)


Appeal Target: US$753,545

Balance Requested from ACT Alliance: US$478,424

Geneva, 24 August 2005

We send you this revised appeal on the Operation Murambatsvina in Zimbabwe as the situation has changed considerably. On Wednesday 20th July 2005, the Government of Zimbabwe received the UN Special Envoy’s report of the fact-finding Mission to Zimbabwe to access the scope and Impact of Operation Murambatsvina by the UN Special Envoy on Human Settlements. The reaction to it was swift. The following day this resulted in the start of a process to close down the camps and to move people out of the cities from camps, churches and areas where homes were knocked down and where people had held on. In Harare people with official papers showing proof of residency in Hatcliffe Extension were trucked to and dropped off at their original stands. On the 19th of July there were 4,867 people at Caledonia Farm. By the 26th July there was practically no one left. In Bulawayo a heavy-handed approach was taken with the churches, some of which were invaded at night by police who cleared out people staying there. A pastor was also arrested. Bulawayo residence were apparently just dropped off at unknown destinations in rural areas without their belongings from the transit camps and advised to find a home. Many are apparently coming back into Bulawayo hoping to collect their possessions and remain in the city.

Since the 20th of July, the percentage of Operation Murambatsvina victims sheltering in transit camps and churches was 2%. Now it is less than 1%. Clearly the needs remain but accessing the most vulnerable is proving to be a challenge for ACT members in Zimbabwe. This appeal has therefore been revised to change its response methodology and the geographical location of activities. All three ACT implementing partners intend to continue supporting the affected. At present the situation is constantly changing in terms of humanitarian planning and intervention, but the need has become more desperate than ever. This appeal will be concluded on 15 October 2005.

Name of ACT member/partner:

- Christian Care

- Lutheran Development Services

- Christian Aid/ Zimbabwe Council of Churches

Project Completion Date: 15 October 2005

Summary of Appeal Targets, Pledges/Contributions Received and Balance Requested:
Christian Care
Lutheran Development Service
Christian Aid/Zimbabwe Council of Churches
Total US$
Appeal Targets
Less: Pledges/Contr Recd
Balance Requested from ACT Alliance

Signed by:

Jessie Kgoroeadira
Acting Director, ACT Co-ordinating Office

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