ACT appeal Zimbabwe: Drought relief - AFZW-21(Rev 2)


Appeal Target: US$ 4,671,000
Balance Requested from ACT Network: US$ 3,295,810

Geneva, 9 October 2002

Dear Colleagues,

The revision of the appeal affects only the Lutheran Development Services programs. There are two reasons for the revision, the first being the huge increase in the price of relief maize and, the second, the extension of the implementation period to March 2003 instead of the original completion date of 31 January 2003.

In the original appeal, LDS had envisaged procuring relief maize within the country using government and local suppliers. The price of maize was then budgeted at $90 per tonne. But due to the non- availability of maize in the country they had no option but to source maize from outside Zimbabwe - mainly from South Africa. Due to transportation, customs and handling, the price of imported maize shot up to $250 per tonne. This raised the budget of the required 5,026 .95 MT of maize from $452,426 to $1,256,738 therefore, necessitating the revision of the appeal budget. The distribution of relief is now planned to go on to the end of March 2003 to fall in line with the next expected harvest. This means that the completion period of the appeal has to be extended from the current end of January to end of March 2003. A request is therefore being put to the ACT donors to allow for this extension of activities by LDS and also to consider supporting the increased budget for relief maize. Due to the extension, the number of days for the school feeding program will also increase from the present 120 days to 210 days. Please note that the number of beneficiaries remains the same as in the original appeal at 11,171 families. Below are the assumptions for the revision;

  • Food is to be distributed to 11, 171 families at 50kg per month per family up to March.
  • The distribution period still remains 9 months because distribution started in July instead of May.
  • The maize is imported at the US dollar price of $250/tonne instead of original budget of $90/tonne
  • Nutrimeal porridge is mixed locally with LDS importing the maize and vitamins. The price per tonne is estimated at US$335.
  • The porridge will be distributed over 210 days - September 2002 to March 2003 including holidays.

Below is a summary of the budget:
Initial Budget
Revised Budget US$
452, 426
School feeding
Total budget commodities
Total Budget including admin

Exchange rate variations are no longer relevant because the purchases are being made in US$ terms.

Project Completion Date:

LDS - 31 March 2003
Christian Care - 30 April 2003

Summary of Appeal Targets, Pledges/Contributions Received and Balance Requested

Christian Care
Total Target US$
Appeal Target
Less: Pledges/Contr Recd
Balance Requested from ACT Network

Please kindly send your contributions to the following ACT bank account:

Account Number - 240-432629.60A (USD)
Account Name: ACT - Action by Churches Together
PO Box 2600
1211 Geneva 2

Please also inform the Finance Officer Jessie Kgoroeadira (direct tel. +4122/791.60.38, e-mail address jkg@act-intl.org) of all pledges/contributions and transfers, including funds sent direct to the implementers, now that the Pledge Form is no longer attached to the Appeal.

We would appreciate being informed of any intent to submit applications for EU, USAID and/or other back donor funding and the subsequent results. We thank you in advance for your kind co-operation.

For further information :

ACT Web Site address: http://www.act-intl.org

John Nduna
Acting Director, ACT

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