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2020 Impact Report: Prepared for the People's Postcode Lottery



The last twelve months have been challenging for our team and our partners. A global pandemic, calls for racial justice, and rising levels of violence and unrest in Mali, Lebanon, Ethiopia and elsewhere, all combined to make 2020 a year like no other. Peace was threatened around the world, and the work of local peacebuilders was needed more than ever.

I’m proud our partnership with the People’s Postcode Lottery has continued into its third year. In 2020, we focussed on responding to the global health crisis; supporting our partners to adapt their work, bringing communities together virtually, and shining a spotlight on grassroots peacebuilders.

In this report we share what we achieved in 2020. Thanks to the continued support from People’s Postcode Lottery, we worked with partners in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria and Zimbabwe. We were also able to boost the organisational capacity of both Peace Direct and our African partners. Your support meant we were able to support 2,056 people directly, and our extended impact reached even more.

Highlights I’m particularly proud of are:

  • Our partner: Envision Zimbabwe Women’s Trust training 90 police officers on non-violence and COVID-19 protection (see more on page 5).

  • In DR Congo, 140 children affected by conflict went back to school (page 11).

  • We worked with partners in Nigeria to bring together 180 young people from diverse backgrounds through sports, and deliver vocational training to 145 young people (page 9).

Crises exacerbate inequalities and violence. But our work shows us that even through the most challenging of circumstances, local people and communities kown how to capitalise on opportunities for change and rebuilding to deliver renewed hope.

The global pandemic underscored the importance of bringing people together for peace, and supporting communities affected by war and violence to build back better. And build back stronger.

Despite the impact COVID-19 poses to civil society and our collective ability to respond to conflict, we are resolute in continuing support for those communities around the world who are most affected. Your support, and that of thousands of People’s Postcode Lottery players, gives us the strength and hope to continue our important mission towards peace.

With gratitude,

Dylan Mathews
Chief Executive, Peace Direct