2002-2003 EuronAid operations in Zimbabwe, funded by the Food Aid and Food Security budget of the European Union


  • The proposals should be targeted, reflecting the variability of food insecurity in Zimbabwe. Targeting could be geographic or other vulnerable target groups could also be considered such as food insecure and poor urban population and commercial farm workers now jobless.

  • NGOs will be aware of current sensitivities. Proposals should demonstrate transparent beneficiary-identification and distribution procedures as well as steps to monitor transparent and objective implementation.

  • Aid co-ordination with existing aid agencies like the WFP is essential. Proposals should fall under the conceptual framework of the Humanitarian Aid and Recovery Programme (HARP). It has been agreed with the Relief and Recovery Unit (RRU) that it is advisable for NGOs wishing to request Euronaid funding to discuss their draft proposals with the RRU (contact: Mr George Olesh, tel. +263 4 729711-3).


Project should have a duration of maximum 1 year.

Eligible items

Food, seeds, fertilizers (most probably to be sourced all outside the country). Please keep in mind that to be eligible for EU funding you will need duty free import licences!

Eligible cost

Under EuronAid contracts the Commission finances the cost of the product and the transport up to final destination. A contribution to preparation , monitoring and supervision costs is paid based on 10 euro per ton for food aid and 6% of the purchase value for seed and other agricultural inputs such as fertilizers.


The format of the proposal should follow the general EC formats. We suggest to use the format proposed in the EuronAid NGO Guidelines, which you can also find on the EuronAid website, http://www.euronaid.nl). A copy of a revised budget format is also included: EuronAid can assist you with prices if needed. It is very important in the budget to specify the locations to which the items should be delivered. Normally EuronAid should deliver at final destination, however if preferred, the NGO can indicate their preference to undertake part of the transport themselves. in that case that should be indicated in this budget.

Draft proposals

Before NGOs submit a formal proposal they may wish to present or discuss a draft proposal with the European Commission Delegation in Zimbabwe. If so, the NGO should contact Mr Lighton Dube (Lighton.Dube@delzwe.cec.eu.int, tel. +263 4 707120 ext. 225). Mr Dube will then provide informal comments to the NGO.

Final proposals

Final proposals should be submitted to the EC Head of Delegation in Zimbabwe, Mrs Francesca Mosca. She will forward the proposals to EuronAid headquarters with her recommendation.


Enquiries on submission procedures should be addressed to Lighton Dube (see above.) Enquiries on the EuronAid's procedures should go to Gisella Reina:
e-mail: g.reina@euronaid.nl
phone +31 70 3305724
fax +31 70 3641701