Zambia: World Vision input support programme begins

News and Press Release
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Input support programmes for the 2003/04 agricultural season are underway. WVI/ Zambia Emergency Seeds and Technology Transfer (ZEST) (OFDA) phase two is among the various programmes operating in Zambia. It has now been extended to November 30, 2003. A total of 31,000 households in four Southern province districts are earmarked for the support. It breaks down to 8,800 households in Sinazongwe, 8,600 in Choma, 6,400 in Monze and 7,200 in Chongwe. Each household will obtain 5kg maize, 2kg sorghum, 10kg groundnuts (15,000 households), 2kg cowpeas (16,000 households), 1kg millet (10,000 households), 2kg pigeon peas (5,000 households).