Zambia mVAM Bulletin #7: December 2016 - Maize prices increase in some districts during peak lean period


Key points:

  • Maize prices rose sharply in Kasama between November and December WFP/Brenda BartonSource: mVAM, December 2016

  • Bean prices have increase in Northern Province, up 9 percent in Kasama and up 3 percent in Luwingu

  • Groundnut prices have risen by over 15 percent in Luwingu (Northern Province) and Mafinga (Muchinga Province)


WFP Zambia’s in-house call centre has been operational since May 2016 as a part of WFP’s mobile Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (mVAM) initiative The in-house call centre conducts telephone interviews with key informants to collect weekly information on the prices of foods including maize, rice, groundnuts, cassava and beans, as well as information on general food availability and market accessibility. The surveys are carried out with a sample of 51 traders across 24 districts. The number of responses (171) remained the same during November and December 2016. Phone surveys contain inherent response biases; therefore, the bulletin reports patterns and trends rather than precise estimates.