Zambia mVAM Bulletin #11: May 2017 - Food security improves with better supply and consumption of diverse foods

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Key points:

  • Food security continues to improve as households enjoy better dietary diversity in most districts in monitored provinces

  • There is a marked increase in the share of households with high dietary diversity in Copperbelt Province

  • Groundnut prices plummet in Mafinga in Muchinga Province, Petauke in Eastern Province and Choma in Southern Province

  • Maize prices fall considerably in Nakonde in Mafinga Province, Petauke in Eastern Province and Kaoma in Western Province

Seasonal outlook

The seasonal food security outlook for May 2017 remains good although isolated pockets of acute food insecurity remain. The challenges are in part due to the outbreak of armyworms and stem borers, which has affected household food production, plus the fall in income from the sale of most legumes (especially cow peas and beans). Legume prices are far lower this year because of a boom in production which was triggered by last year’s demand both within Zambia and across the borders in Zimbabwe and Malawi.