Zambia: Mumbwa Dam Spillage Final Report, DREF Operation n° MDRZM013



Description of the disaster

Heavy rainfall that occurred from 22 to 26 December 2020 led to bursting of Kandesha dam in Mumbwa district of Central Province of Zambia, affecting 500 households in four communities namely, Munengo, Kambobe, Katala, and Chiloweni communities of Mapona ward. Some 169 households were also displaced out of the affected. The Government, through the Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit (DMMU), created a camp called Kandesha and supplied 50 tents to accommodate the displaced households. Currently, there are 46 families at the old camp, while other families initially displaced are living with their relatives or renting somewhere else waiting for the end of the rainy season. In response, Zambia Red Cross Society (ZRCS) launched three months DREF operation respond to the needs of the affected population of which almost all the planned activities have been implemented.

During implementation of the EPoA, Mumbwa district, continued to experience more rainfall. Additional flooding took place on Wednesday 10 February 2021 where 18 additional villages were affected with four villages totally submerged and 26 houses collapsed. This further affected 1,272 people (212 HH). The four villages totally submerged include Miyanda, Namucheche, Musosya and Kamutengo. The remaining villages, including Kakombo, Chiboboka, Chisenke, Shachizube, Shinjanji, Muchabi, Shamboze, Nkoka, Shakumbila, Mweemba, Chumbuluka, Namoomba, Shichibwa and Kansengwe were partially affected.

Two people were injured and hospitalized. Also 136 hectares of planted land of 327 total hectares of land affected in three camps namely Nangoma, Myooye and Muchabi Agric camp were washed away, and 511 farmers have had their fields washed away in the named agriculture camp. An additional 50 households were displaced and evacuated to Muchabi primary school where 42 tents were provided and erected by DMMU and ZRCS supported the remaining households without shelter at the camp.

This necessitated ZRCS to update the EPoA to incorporate the newly affected camp which was approved. Therefore, this operation has been carried out in two separate camps of Kandesha and Muchabi in Mumbwa District. The report will therefore highlight key achievements of the Dam spillage in Kandesha and flooding in Muchabi community.