Zambia Food Security Outlook Update, June 2017 to January 2018

Situation Report
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Key Messages
- Despite the fall armyworm infestation experienced in most parts of the country and the very late distribution of subsidized inputs, Zambia managed to attain a record maize output due to good rainfall. Maize production is estimated at 3.61 million MT. With a carryover stock level of 567,000 MT, total maize availability will exceed the national cereal requirement by 1.18 million MT, which will be available for export.
- Although the maize export ban was lifted in mid-May to encourage exports, the prevailing export tax of 10 percent on maize grain is likely to make Zambian maize uncompetitive in the regional market. There is a delay in the new supplies reaching markets because harvesting started later than usual due to atypical rains that extended into May. Maize prices have remained high much longer than usual due to the delayed harvest, but are likely to fall steeply by July.
- Minimal (IPC Phase 1) acute food insecurity is being experienced across the country with the increased green harvest and incoming new main harvest which has increased household food availability. Given the improved food availability at the household and national level, acute food insecurity is projected to be Minimal (IPC Phase 1) for the remainder of the outlook period.