Zambia Food Security Outlook Update June 2013

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As maize prices decline, food security remains stable


  • The food security situation in the country remains stable following the average 2012/13 harvest. At the household level, staple foods are available through either markets or own production. Acute food insecurity outcomes for June are expected to be Minimal (IPC Phase 1) across the country.

  • Maize prices in most markets have declined following seasonal trends, improving access for market dependent households. However, prices are expected to begin increasing earlier than normal due to several factors: the recent fuel price increase, anticipated Food Reserve Agency (FRA) purchases of maize, and regional exports.

  • From July to September, acute food insecurity outcomes for most households will remain Minimal (IPC Phase 1) given the availability of maize. However, according to the annual Vulnerability Assessment Committee (VAC) assessment, a small proportion (<20 percent) of households in 18 districts will face livelihood protection deficits during this period.