Zambia Food Security Outlook April to September 2013

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Average maize production expected for the 2012/13 season


• Overall the food security situation is favorable with Minimal (IPC Phase 1) acute food insecurity outcomes. Across the country, with the start of the harvest households are accessing adequate staple food supplies and an increased variety of seasonal foods. As part of the new harvest starts to enter markets, the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) continues to ensure food supplies on the market through maize sales to millers and needy communities at fixed prices.

• Although the 2012/13 season maize production prospects remain fair to poor in southern Zambia due to prolonged dry spells, resulting in lower yields, the country is expected to attain at least an average output for maize. The increased area planted to maize due to the decrease in area planted to cotton will partially offset maize yield loss. This coupled with the minimum carryover stocks of 250,000 MT from FRA will ensure adequate maize stocks to meet the national maize requirement.

• From April to June, Minimal (IPC Phase 1) acute food insecurity outcomes are expected among poor rural households as they continue to meet their basic food needs through their own production and purchases in local markets. As households begin to deplete their food stocks earlier than normal in areas in the extreme south, poor households will likely be Stressed (IPC Phase 2)from July to September.