Zambia Food Security Brief | October 2021

Situation Report
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  • The Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has purchased 875,000 metric tons (mt) of maize from farmers, exceeding its earlier target of 500,000 mt.

  • Maize grain prices have been falling, but they are still above their respective five-year average values. Prices of other food commodities, such as roller meal, breakfast meal, dry beans, and groundnuts, have been declining as well.

  • At markets in Nchelenge district, maize grain, maize meal, cooking oil and salt prices were stable while dried bean prices were up by 12 percent.

  • The cost of the Basic Needs and Nutrition Basket has declined owing to reductions in prices of some locally produced and imported food items.

  • The annual price inflation rate declined for a third month in a row.

  • The performance of the 2021/22 rainfall season has been largely favorable and consistent with expectations, with substantial rainfall amounts observed in Northern, North Western and Luapula provinces.