Zambia COVID-19 response, No. 6: Risk Communication & Community Engagement (RCCE) sub-committee - Social listening report, 16-31 May 2020



This report presents the results of social listening in the fortnight ending 31 May 2020 across a variety of platforms in Zambia by those in the RCCE sector. A few highlights and themes are summarised below:

• It is proving easier to encourage handwashing with soap than the wearing of masks, with corresponding levels of behaviour change. Some just wear masks when they see a police checkpoint or enter a school.
• The school reopenings have created concerns among some parents and caregivers. But for others, it is taken as a sign that the danger has now passed.
• Myths continue to abound including: that COVID-19 can be treated with ginger and lemon cures; that it only targets the rich and the old; that it is a conspiracy against Africa; or that it is a money-making scheme.

The report has been divided into sections below, and contains a full annex of COVID-19 media stories from the fortnight. The next update will come at the end of June.