Zambia COVID-19 response, No. 2: Risk Communication & Community Engagement (RCCE) sub-committee - Social listening report, 10-16 April 2020



The report seeks to outline the major findings of social listening in the week to 17 April 2020, picked up from community mobilisation, media reviews, social media monitoring and digital platforms. The goal is to monitor trends in the conversation to provide a useful source of information for the Risk Communication and Community Engagement sector under the Covid-19 response. We hope this will be useful to those working hard to develop and adapt messaging to increase awareness and protective behaviours.

The report has been divided into sections below, and contains a full annex of media stories from the week. The hope is that this report becomes a collaborative effort with inputs from different focal points and organisations.

Social listening

Social listening is the process of monitoring conversations, both online and offline, to understand what customers are saying.

In the Zambia Covid-19 response, social listening work is designed to track the concerns, queries, misunderstandings, needs and issues among the Zambian public, to help inform the wider risk communication and community engagement activities so they are tailored to the evolving conversation.