Zambia COVID-19 response, No. 1: Risk Communication & Community Engagement (RCCE) sub-committee - Social listening report, 3-9 April 2020


Key points

The goal of this first edition is to produce a tool that aims to gather all inputs from the week that might be beneficial to those involved in public messaging and advocacy around Covid-19. There is an at times overwhelming amount of information coming to us through the media, WhatsApp groups and hearsay. Unfortunately some have also used this time to deliberately create false messages, and the global nature of the pandemic has meant a vast international mix of messaging reaching people in Zambia. Hence the added importance of keeping track of the Covid-19 conversation.

The report has been divided into sections below and an annex of media stories. The aim is that this report becomes a collaborative effort with inputs from different focal points and organisations. This way the work is shared, and we finish with a joint regular product that brings in all the benefits of social listening across the many places where the conversation is taking place (and where it can be monitored). When picking out elements of the Covid-19 conversation, the intention is not to lend credence to any of the views that are out there, but more to promote awareness so that well-informed responses can be made as we stay on top of the conversation. Please do share suggestions on how things can be improved.