Zambia: Cholera Outbreak Lusaka - Emergency Plan of Action Operation n° MDRZM011

Situation Report
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A. Situation analysis

Description of the disaster

The Zambian government declared the current cholera outbreak on 6th October 2017 after laboratory confirmation of two initial cases that presented to Chipata Level One Hospital on 4th October 2017. This year the outbreak happened just before the rainy season which is unusual, but it followed a period of inadequate water supply during the summer period. With inadequate water supply more people resorted to the use of unsafe water supplies. This was likely a direct cause of the recent outbreak. The outbreak has since spread to other parts of Lusaka namely; Garden Chilulu, Kabanana, Ngombe, Chipata, Kanyama, Chibolya, Bauleni, Matero, Mazyopa, John Laing, Makeni villa, Chazanga, Jack, Mandevu, Kuomboka, Zingalume, Twikatane, Chunga, and Zanimuwone with Chipata being the most affected. By 21st October 2017, 50% of the cases reported were children aged between 0 and 24 months.

By 5th December, 2017, there were 32 new suspected cases giving cumulative number of cases for Lusaka district as 486 with 14 cumulative deaths recorded. Other parts of the country that have reported cholera cases include Chongwe with 1 suspected case, Shibuyunji; 2 cases, Ndola; 2 case, Rufunsa; 1 case and Kapiri Mposhi; 1 case. Cumulative number of cases recorded country wide is 493 as at 5th December 2017.