Strengthening climate change adaptation in Zambia


Beyond disasters: How Zambia's institutions can adapt to climate change

Zambian and Danish researchers draw lessons from climate adaptation

Carol Emma Mweemba, Imasiku Nyambe & Mikkel Funder

Like many other countries in Southern Africa, Zambia is hard hit by climate change. The government has responded with national strategies and policies, but there is a disconnect between national frameworks and local realities.

In this new DIIS Policy Brief, a team of researchers from the University of Zambia and DIIS point to three key issues that need attention if climate change adaptation is to succeed in Zambia:

  • More attention must be given to adaptation to gradual climate change, which is often overshadowed by the urgency of flood- and drought responses

  • District level institutions need better access to climate change financing and a stronger mandate to act

  • Collaborative efforts and coordination between NGOs, donors and Local Government activities are an obvious but little exploited opportunity

The Policy Brief was prepared by Carol Mweemba and Imasiku Nyambe, University of Zambia, and DIIS researcher Mikkel Funder.