Highlighting a member country: Development Aid from People to People, Zambia

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The programmes deal with some of the major social and economical issues in Zambia such as orphans, HIV/AIDS, Community Development, Agriculture, Environment, Social Development and Education

The idea of DAPP in Zambia is to create development through the implementation of projects, to give people knowledge, skills and tools that will empower the individuals and their families to improve their lives and face the challenge of life.Here you can read more about DAPP Zambia

The Projects

DAPP in Zambia is running development projects, which are very comprehensive and cost effective. The programs deals with some of the major social and economic issues in Zambia such as HIV and AIDS, Community Development, Agriculture, Environment, Education and Water and Sanitation.

DAPP in Zambia is currently running the following projects:

1. Child Aid Chibombo

2. Child Aid Samfya

3. Child Aid Central Province with the entities:

4. Child Aid Mkushi

5. Child Aid Serenje

6. Child Aid Kapiri Mposhi

7. Child Aid and Environment Southern Province with the entities:

8. Child Aid and Environment Monze

9. Child Aid and Environment Gwembe

10. Child Aid and Environment Kalomo

11. Child Aid and Environment Choma

12. Child Aid Northern Province with the entities:

13. Child Aid Mpika

14. Child Aid Mporokoso

15. Child Aid Nchilenge/Chienge

16. HOPE Humana Center in Ndola with the Hope Projects:

17. Hope Kabwe

18. Hope Kaoma

19. Hope Mongu

20. DAPP Children' Town in Malambanyama.

21. Total Control of the Epidemic - TCE in Mazabuka

22. DAPP Clothes and Shoes Sales.


Development Aid from People to People in Zambia Registered Trustees DAPP (Development Aid from People to People) in Zambia Registered Trustees. More than 700.000 people are actively participating in our programs and taking part in creating development and benefiting from the project activities.

The Projects described in Brief

DAPP Child Aid Projects The DAPP Child Aid projects carry out activities to empower families within the rural areas of Zambia with the knowledge and skills to improve their living conditions within health, nutrition, education and food security issues.

The project reaches out to and organises the vulnerable people in the society, especially the women and children to equip them with the will and courage to take full responsibility for their own endeavours, enabling them to face the challenges and find their own solutions to their problems and create improvements. The program activities includes Water and Sanitation, Agriculture, Nutrition, Tree planting, Youth programs, Pre-schools, Support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children, the Fight against HIV and AIDS and other preventable diseases. At least 3.000 families are participating in each of the Child Aid projects. In all Child Aid projects combined, more than 80.000 families are participating for the benefit of the children.

DAPP Children' Town in Malambanyama

The Children' Town is a project for former street children, orphans and vulnerable children. The project provides a supportive environment and a good education for former street children and orphans from the major towns and cities in Zambia. The school at the Children' Town also caters for vulnerable children from the surrounding villages. There are 320 children of which 240 are day students and 80 are borders. Through the provision of a home and schooling the children develop and become capable of managing their own lives.

Hope Humana Projects

The Hope Humana projects offer care and support services, information and training on HIV/AIDS. The Center in Ndola also offers free Voluntary Counselling and Testing (VCT) as well as general health services while the other Hope Projects provide counselling and referral for testing. Program activities include: training of Positive Living Advocates, giving hope and life skills to people living with HIV to live longer and more fulfilling lives, working with Support Groups for People living with HIV/AIDS; information campaigns in the communities, at workplaces, in schools and through youth programs.

Total Control of the Epidemic - TCE in Mazabuka

TCE is a project having its center among the 200.000 people living in the 2 TCE areas. It is an outreach program operating with person-to-person information on DAPP (Development Aid from People to People) in Zambia Registered Trustees. More than 700.000 people are actively participating in our programs and taking part in creating development and benefiting from the project activities.

DAPP and Capacity building of Staff

DAPP puts great emphasis on the educational aspect of its employees. Every year DAPP in Zambia offers scholarship to its key staff to go to Frontline Institute in Zimbabwe to train in Basic and Advanced Project Management courses as well as special courses like TCE Management Courses when there is need for this. DAPP has a trainee program with its sister organisations in Europe to send key staff for three months training in clothes collection and fund-raising. Furthermore DAPP is part of Humana People to People Development Instructor program in co-operation with schools in Europe, USA and UK. DAPP in Zambia is happy with this program since it qualifies its staff for better challenges in the daily work and it builds their skills.

DAPP Governance

DAPP in Zambia is registered as Welfare Society. DAPP is working in 7 provinces of Zambia. DAPP is working in close co-operation with the Government of Zambia, international and national organisations and partners as well as individuals and companies. HIV/AIDS. Field Officers meet each individual and family with discussions and practical help with the goal to mobilise people themselves to fight HIV/AIDS and get in control of their own status and life. 100 Field Officers are committed to work daily with these issues in each their own field of 2000 people. It is a 3 year program.

DAPP Clothes and Shoes Sales

DAPP Clothes and Shoes Sales imports and sells second clothes and shoes in order to raise funds to support the Hope, Child Aid and Children' Town projects. At the same time the 27 retail shops provide good quality and affordable clothes to the customers and create employment to over 120 employees.