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Good Neighbors International develops a market area for refugees and host communities in Zambia

The Mantapala Settlement in Zambia, hosts more than 10,000 refugees from Angola, Burundi, DRC, Rwanda and Somalia. The camp expects more refugees to come from DRC, however the camp has few infrastructure and limited humanitarian aid to accept more people. To respond, Good Neighbors International (GNI) built a market place for both existing and incoming refugees and host communities

With the cooperation of UNHCR and Caritas, GNI constructed the market infrastructure this March and is ready to hand-over to the Commissioner for Refugees and Market. GNI also formed a Market Committee that will manage and set rules for the market. The market would encourage unity and harmonious co-existence between refugees and host communities, as well as improve access to goods and services for refugees and provide a dignified trade condition for traders and buyers.

GNI plans to continue with business management training in livelihood activities to nurture entrepreneurial skills to refugees at the newly constructed market, when safety from COVID-19 is assured. Currently in partnership with UNHCR, GNI is producing and distributing reusable masks to the refugees and host communities. Even in theCOVID-19 pandemic, refugee tailors can have steady income by producing the masks. GNI will continue to increase the purchase power of refugees, empower refugee entrepreneurs, and expand financial access and income opportunities for refugees and host communities.

GNI is an international humanitarian and development organization. It has made great strides in its mission by providing people around the world with a better quality of life since its establishment in Korea, 1991. GNI was granted General Consultative Status with the UN ECOSOC in 1996 and acknowledged its contribution and granted the “MDGs Award” in 2007.