Yemen's Transport Minister says UAE team arrived in Aden Sunday to restore traffic at airport

from Emirates News Agency
Published on 20 Jul 2015 View Original

ADEN, 20th July 2015 (WAM) --- Yemen's Transport Minister, Badr Mubarak Ba-Salma, has said that a specialist technical team from the UAE arrived in Aden yesterday to re-open Aden International Airport damaged by the ongoing war.

In a telephone call with Abu Dhabi TV, the minister added that work is underway by the ministry team and the UAE team using a mobile air traffic control tower to resume landing and takeoff of airplanes to and from Aden within two days.

Ba-Salma said that three seaports in Aden are operational and that the first Emirati ship carrying food and medical supplies will enter Aden tomorrow, Tuesday, in coordination with the UAE Ambassador, Salim Khalifa Al Ghafli.

Other cargo ships operated by the World Food Programme (WFP) will also enter the seaports.

The Yemeni Minister stressed that the top priority now is to comb all the city of Aden to find any sleeping cells of the Houthis or followers of ousted president Ali Abdullah Saleh and to clear any mines or explosives from the city to enable Yemeni citizens to return safely to their homes.

The second priority, he added, is to provide relief supplies, food and medicine and treat the wounded, and the third is to restore basic services including water and electricity to Aden.