Yemeni Development Network for NGOs (YDN) Monthly Bulletin, November-December 2020



Health and Nutrition Program:

Rehabilitating targeted HFs in Kharif and Raydah district in Amran governorate.
Field visits to the targeted HFs in Kharif and Raydah districts of Amran governorate.
Supporting the targeted health facilities with medicines from the Yemen medicine bank (YMB).
Participating in the integrated phase classification for acute malnutrition (IPC AMN) analysis workshop.

WASH Program:

Starting civil works in the constructions of concrete water tank and rehabilitation of water network in Al-Udayn district of Ibb governorate.
Conducting the regular cleaning campaign rounds in Al Udayn district of Ibb Gov Conducting hygiene awareness sessions in Al Udayn district of Ibb Gov.
Distribution of CHKs in (Ahwal AlAjooz – AlRawdhah – Wahas) IDPs Camps- Dhi As Sufal Districts of Ibb Gov.

Shelter Program:

The second and third rounds of rental subsidies was distributed for 500 households of vulnerable IDPs, in Al Udayn, Mudhikhera and Jiblah Districts, Ibb Governorate in November & December.
Participating in the sessions of Integrating Gender-Based Violence Interventions in Shelter/NFIs and RMMs Programs.

FSL Program:

Needs Assessment to rehabilitate the damaged wells in Far Al-udyeen district.