Yemeni Development Network for NGOs (YDN) Monthly Bulletin, May & June 2020

Situation Report
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FSL Program

YDN has participated in the MFB technical working group second meeting and discussed with FSAC partners on the proposed revisions to FSAC Minimum Food Basket. The meeting focused on the following points:

There is one food basket with 2 options:

1- Minimum food basket – national averages (without) rice.
Wheat flour, whole grain 75 Kg, this basket cover 80% from the required quantity for every person , the cost of basket is 75$

2- Minimum food basket-National average +rice Wheat flour 50 Kg + rice 20 Kg, this basket cover 75% from the required quantity for every person, the cost of basket is 96 $ The sharing basket is draft and will be approved from FSAC after sharing inputs from FSAC partners.

YDN is interested in access to the latest reports from FSAC partners to follow the food security and livelihood updates in Yemen.
As mentioned in OCHA Yemen Humanitarian Update for June 2020 More than $3.2 billion is required for humanitarian response in 2020. COVID-19 is also exacerbates Yemen’s economic Problems.

Reports shows that in early June the cost of the minimum food basket (MFB) has increased by 8 percent compared to the pre-COVID-19 period and according to WFP Yemen Food Security and Price Monitoring on June that shows there are notable differences between the cost of the MFB across governorates; it is most expensive in Lahj (nearly YER 6,480) and Shabwah (nearly YER 6,460) and most affordable in Sa’ada (about YER 4,540). In general, the cost of the MFB is likely to continue increasing not only due to the weakening currency but also due to the reduction of food assistance in the North by half as a source of supply and meeting demand and for which the impact may only be felt starting in July. Also, the fuel market was unstable during June, which is affecting the food prices.
In short, from mid-May till mid-June was responsible for 50 percent of the total increase in the cost of MFB during that period.